Tumbledown Manor

“A rollicking novel, a jolly good read.”

Edwina Hall. The Weekly Times.

“Delightfully written, very charming and laugh out loud funny. Recommended.”

Shandelle Battersby, Weekend Herald Auckland.

Life’s going down the gurgler for romance writer Lisa Trumperton. The deadline for her next novel is looming, her daughter won’t eat but has a new tattoo each week, and now her Wall Street trader husband has run off with a woman at work.

Lisa makes a quick escape, home to Australia, where at least her girl-magnet son seems to be making hay. Determined to grow older disgracefully, she turns her back on a trim and tidy townhouse that is close to shops, aged-care providers and her bossy older sister, instead buying a grand old house in the country that once belonged to her great-grandfather.

But like its new owner, Trumperton Manor has seen better days. Crumbling, filthy and possibly haunted, the old house defies Lisa’s attempts to restore it. Add flood, fire and family secrets, plus a stray cat with attitude and an overly familiar handyman, and the cracks begin to show. . .

Richly observed and laugh-out-loud funny, Tumbledown Manor is for anyone who believes it’s never too late for a makeover.

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7 reviews for Tumbledown Manor

  1. Edwina Hall – The Weekly Times

    “A rollicking novel, a jolly good read.”

  2. Shandelle Battersby – Weekend Herald Auckland.

    “Delightfully written, very charming and laugh out loud funny. Recommended.”

  3. Tina White – Manawatu Standard

    “Buy this book, save it for the holidays and then read it under a tree or at the beach.”

  4. Jo Hills – Daily News

    “This is certainly a book that needs to be finished to be really appreciated. Like life in a tumbling down manor in Australia you will find it will throw the unexpected at you and teach you a few of life’s lessons.”

  5. Faith Hope Inspire blog spot

    “I read it fast. I laughed aloud a couple of times (which happens a lot in real life but rarely when I am reading).
    It’s upbeat and happy and it’s an enjoyable read. Perfect for a hot summer with a cold drink. I think Brown has invested a lot of herself into the pages of the book and I really like the interiors aspect of the novel – doing up houses is fun when you don’t have to invest any elbow grease!”

  6. Bluewolf reviews.

    “What a satisfying story this is! Laced with humorous lines and very human parenthood blunders, the story relates how Lisa’s life is about to undergo radical changes………what more could a reader want.”

  7. Joanne Taylor – Latitude Review

    “Engaging and enjoyable. A recommended read.”

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