Cats & Daughters

“A raw and honest account of family, life-changing events and overcoming setbacks that is poignant and life-affirming”

Daily Express UK March 2013

“A must read. Five Stars.”

The Lady, UK

Cats and Daughters (After Cleo Came Jonah) is Cleo’s sequel.

It began when a crazy Siamese kitten called Jonah bounced into Helen’s life.

This eagerly anticipated sequel to Cleo became a number one best seller when first released in 2012, and is being translated into many languages.

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10 reviews for Cats & Daughters


    “A warm, wise and often funny account of the highs and lows of mother-daughter relationships, the impact of a potentially life-threatening illness, and an often kooky – some might say deranged – cat called Jonah.”

  2. Matilda’s Books

    “I can’t put down “After Cleo…”, what a great read. “Cleo” has been a good seller here, and I’m sure Jonah will do even better.”

  3. The Lady (UK)

    “A Must Read: “This is a moving account of family life going off the rails, but saved by love and the realisation that by allowing cats and daughters to roam, they’ll come home in the end.” Five Stars”

  4. The Weekly Review

    “I adored this memoir to the point that I could not put it down. Very well written, it captured both my heart and my imagination.
    I would recommend this book not as a memoir but as a story that you just have to read.”
    Kelly McLean NZ Book Sellers April 13 2012
    ” A warm and wonderful read.”

  5. She Said

    “Helen Brown is an award-winning columnist, writer and broadcast journalist renowned for her candid and intimate style. Her ability to delve into her deepest thoughts and her darkest days with honesty, passion and heart is what has made her an internationally bestselling author. “

  6. Pat Harding – ABC, Radio Great Southern, Western Australia

    “If Cleo did well, Cats and Daughters will do exceptionally well. It’s a wonderful book. I loved it dearly.”

  7. Herald Sun

    “Helen Brown’s biography Cleo, a heart-rending account of the death of her son and the kitten who helped her family grieve, was a word of mouth hit.
    Her latest release, After Cleo Came Jonah, covers another turbulent period, when Brown was diagnosed with breast cancer and her eldest daughter decided to live in a Buddhist monastery in war-torn Sri Lanka. This intimate and candid book has broad appeal.”

  8. Bay of Plenty Times

    “A delightful book.”

  9. Aussie Book Reviews

    “Helen Brown has another international best seller on her hands.”

  10. Anne McPhail – Rotorua Post

    “A delightful book. The Reader is drawn into the ups and downs of health – breast cancer and family relationships, especially between mother and daughter.”

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