One of the most moving books I’ve ever read

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An epic, genuinely moving, funny and ultimately uplifting.

Witi Ihimaera, author of The Whale Rider

Helen had no intention of adopting a pet when she took her sons, Sam and Rob, to visit a friend’s new kittens. She wasn’t even a cat person, but nine year-old Sam was. He fell in love with the runt, talked Helen into getting her and named her Cleo.
Just weeks later, the family was hit by tragedy. Traumatised, Helen had completely forgotten about the new arrival until the little black kitten was delivered to her doorstep.
She was ready to send Cleo back, but when she saw Rob smile for the first time since the accident there was no choice. Cleo had to stay.

After hitting best seller lists around the world, Cleo jumped on the New York Times Best Seller list its first week in US bookstores. It stayed on the UK Sunday Times best seller list for several weeks.

It is now in more than 18 languages, and has sold more than two million copies.
Cleo appears on the cover of US Reader’s Digest Encounters – Today’s Best Non Fiction Vol 22 and in South African, Brazillian and Australian editions.

A major motion picture is in development.

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“Cleo” – the abridged US Reader’s Digest cover “Today’s Best Non Fiction vol 22”

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15 reviews for Cleo

  1. Good Housekeeping – UK

    “Possibly the next Marley & Me, Cleo, by Helen Brown, is an honest and un-mawkish true story of ordinary people rebuilding their lives after a tragedy, with the help of a kitten. Even non cat-lovers will be moved.”

  2. Daily Mail – UK

    “Lively and admirably unsentimental…a salutary reminder of the gratitude we humans owe to our companion animals.”

  3. Booklist – US

    “A buoyant tale, heartfelt and open.”

  4. Closer

    “Heart-warming, fun and romantic. Marley & Me fans will love it.”

  5. Catworld – UK

    “This is an absolute must gift for yourself or a cat-loving friend.”

  6. Herald Sun – AU

    “A heartfelt account of love, loss and faith. Cleo is so beautifully written and with such warmth only someone who adores cats could so accurately describe life with such an extraordinary creature. From the start this is an emotional journey for author and reader.”

  7. Who Weekly – AU

    “In the tradition of Marley & Me, this memoir about an impish black kitten teaching a grieving family to love and laugh again is written with warmth and candor.”

  8. Australian Women’s Weekly – AU

    “A warm, poignant tale about the sheer force of a cat’s personality and the joy and healing it can bring.”

  9. Kia Ora Magazine – NZ

    “Brown is an accomplished author and columnist and her professionalism shows everywhere in this harrowing yet redemptive tale of loss and new life.”

  10. NZ Herald – NZ

    “Heart warming and life affirming – it’s easy to see why it’s been on the [Australian and New Zealand] bestsellers list since it was published…”

  11. North & South – US

    “A heart-warming, tear-stained ride told with great charm and humor.”

  12. Buch-Wein – Gemany

    “Die wahre Geschichte über Cleo berührt mit Humor und Ehrlichkeit – und ist weit mehr als ein Katzenbuch: Der Roman gibt Hoffnung, wie man trotz eines tragischen Verlusts weiterleben kann.”
    (Cleo if full of humour and honesty – and is much more than a book about cats. The novel gives hope that you can recover after a tragic loss.)

  13. Leukaemia Foundation

    “To say I found gifts of inspiration, hope, and pure love emanating out of every page would be an understatement…”

  14. Beth Hoffman, New York Times bestselling author of Saving CeeCee Honeycutt

    “Helen Brown’s remarkable memoir took me on a journey that threatened to break my heart, and right when I thought I couldn’t possibly bear to read another word, I realized that she didn’t break my heart at all – she opened it.”

  15. Witi Ihimaera, author of The Whale Rider

    “Helen Brown’s Cleo is not just a tender story about a cat and a family facing the world again after a family bereavement. It’s also an epic, genuinely moving, funny and ultimately uplifting. Don’t be surprised to find yourself smiling through tears after reading it.”

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