“Having read the book with our family, it’s so good to have something else out there other than us explaining our reasoning to children through grief.” Frances Tipene, The Casketeers, Netflix.

“This book is educational around grief, especially for our children. As a mother, it also helps us deal with loss in our own way.” Kaiora Tipene, The Casketeers, Netflix

“A story of the power of love, hope, redemption and healing when grief seems overwhelming. It provides a wonderful support to children in similar circumstances, and an anchor to discussions about finding contentment with soulmates – our pets and through friendships. Recommended for children from age four.”
Romi Sharp, The Children’s Book Council of Australia

“A worthwhile addition to any school or public library. It offers support for those struggling with grief and provides hope after a terrible tragedy.” readplus.com.au

“A powerful read that speaks to both children and adults.” lostinagoodbk.com

“So this kids’ book is beautiful. But it’s also the subject of today’s TGM Nailed and Failed. Because I gave it to B to read without reading the back.
And it’s about that time this little boy’s brother got hit by a car and died. And Billy was like crying his eyes out.
But the cat helps the boy keep going. And now B wants the “dead brother” book every single night.
And it’s gorgeous. But I should have been better prepared. Book #nail Parenting #fail.”
Holly Wainwright,
Mamamia Outloud.

“A great kids’ book that will teach kids strength and gratitude for the little things – and how healing takes time.” Senior Constable Bryan Ward, NZ Police Dept.

“A treasure, a truly wonderful book. I was deeply moved.” – Gaytana Adorna, Southern FM.

“A moving tribute to the healing power of animals.” Stacey Anyan, North and South magazine.

“Life can get tough at times, and it can take an animal to help us through difficult things. This book will open opportunities for talks and family discussions which are needed in life.” Kids’ Books We Love.

“It’s sad, amazing and cute.” Room 3 student, Stanmore Bay School.


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