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“We’re just going to look.” Helen Brown had no intention of adopting a pet when she brought her young sons to visit a friend’s new kitten. But the runt of the litter was irresistible, with her overlarge ears and dainty chin.

When Cleo was delivered weeks later, she had no way of knowing that her new family had just been hit by an unthinkable tragedy. Helen was sure she couldn’t keep her – until she saw something she thought had vanished from earth forever: her son’s smile. The reckless, rambunctious kitten stayed.

Through happiness and heartbreak, changes and new beginnings, Cleo turned out to be the unlikely glue that affectionately held Helen’s family together. Rich in wisdom, wit, heart and healing, here is the story of a cat with an extraordinary gift of knowing just where she was needed most.

“One of the most moving books I’ve ever read.”

— Books Direct, (UK’s largest book club)

“A remarkable memoir…Helen Brown opened my heart.”

– Beth Hoffman, New York Times bestselling author.

“An absolute must.” 

 – Cat World


“Cleo” – the abridged US Reader’s Digest cover “Today’s Best Non Fiction vol 22”


Cleo Russian Book Cover


French Book Cover

International Version Cover


Australian Version Cover (above)


Portuguese Book Cover

Hodder UK Hardback

German book cover

Complex Chinese edition (Taiwan)


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