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We live in dangerous times. I must be on constant look out for Enemies. Scribbler’s no help. In fact, she makes a point of befriending my foes. Take this roaring monster, for example…

Though she knows I hate it, she insists on taking it out of prison and letting it roam around the house every week or son. Thank goodness she keeps it on a lead. Scribbler says I should count myself lucky she’s not house proud. Some furless romp around with these things every day.

As for this weapon of mass distression, she doesn’t even bother keeping it locked away…..

It’s so monstrous and sure of itself, it sits in the living room waiting for a human to sit down and give it enough confidence to roar at me. Fortunately, I have exacted revenge on this creature a few times. You may notice the protective caging Scribbler erected to stop me showering it with the disdain it deserves.

Some monsters are scarier than others. This one, I think, is probably a fake…..

But this one is fully trained and genuine. It swallows me up and takes me to a torture chamber called the Vet….

Memorise these images then destroy. You never know when they might be coming to get you.

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  • zerrin demirbilek

    Dont you worry Jonah…call me if you really need a friend..Keep your phone on charge always.. <3

  • Zhuli

    Cats don’t like noisy thing and close door , they love to be free to go where ever they are wandering , some are music – lover and like walking on a piano . . . You can try and discover that you are a new Mozart ! . . .

    • Helen Brown

      It’s true, some cats love “playing the piano”…specially in the middle of the night when their staff are trying to sleep.

  • Evelyn

    Dear Helen

    I hardly ever leave a comment on your blog or FB page but as a blogger myself (though I am not a professional writer) and lover of books, cats and inspiring encounters y enjoy reading your regular posts.

    Besides my job I am an amateur classical pianist and luckily my two feline friends actually love piano(living with me would be a torture for poor Jonah)!! Besides études, Bach and susbstantial classical pieces I like to treat my housmates with some soothing modern music. Fear of cages is 50% – 50%, one of my cats absolotely loathes it, but the other loves it and I have to keep the cage in sight days after de vets visit. Fear for the roaring monster is mutal.

    Switching back to music. Pretty soon I will have rehearsal with a violinist at my place and it will be the first time my cats hear live violin… Will they love it, will they hate it, will violinist and cats get along. Pretty exciting times are coming my way.

    Warm regards from Belgium

    • Helen Brown

      Thanks Evelyn. I wish I could play the piano as well as you can. The main reason I keep ours is it belonged to my father. Good luck with the violin session. Just as well Jonah won’t be in attendance!

  • Loyce Morgan

    Helen, I love reading books about animals – my husband have 2 dogs and 4 cats. They all have distinct personalities and keep us laughing a lot. I stumbled upon your book “Cleo” by accident and enjoyed it tremendously. I felt I almost knew Cleo personally. You’re a good writer – I was sad to finish the book. Now I will look for your other books. Thank you for sharing your life with Cleo and loving her so much. She truly was a lucky cat and you were fortunate to have for so long. Sincerely, Loyce

    • Helen Brown

      Thanks, Loyce. I hope you managed to find some of my other books. My old books will soon be available as ebooks from my website. Keep an eye out for them. ALl the best, Helen.

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