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Book signing

Bono’s American launch day, May 29, was living the dream – visiting my editor Michaela and other friends at the publishing house off Times Square before signing books at Barnes and Noble on Fifth Avenue.

Signing books in Barnes & Noble, 5th Avenue today

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  • Morning Light

    It had me from the start but I thought it was a bit lighter than her other books unail I got to page 64 when I burst into tears. I can’t remember the line

    Cats can do amazing things for people. They can even be conduits for deceased loved ones from the other side to let you know they are okay

    • Helen Brown

      Cats do have a mystical quality. I sometimes wonder if they can slip between worlds, as you suggest.

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So you thought you were going to read this magazine? #catsofinstagram


Got to love these guys.


French BONO is out! #chatnoir #catsofinstagram #amazonfrance


Sometimes, all it takes is an empty beach. #washawaysadness #waves


Great to see this special Australia Post edition on sale in my local post office on Phillip Island. #australiapost #lovephillipisland


Loving this new edition for Walmart, North America. #catbooks #catsofinstagram #siamesecat


We’ve had some wild waves on the island. #waves


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Dear Jacinda, My homeland lost its innocence today. Please change New Zealand’s gun laws.#christchurchshooting #nzprimeminister


So excited to be launching my friend Heather Fahnle’s mosaic exhibition “In Our Back Yard” next Saturday at Yarram Courthouse Gallery 2pm. Join us for wine, laughter and a chance to enjoy this incredibly talented woman’s art. #yarramcourthousegallery #phillipislandtime #gippslandartists #phillipislandnatureparks #yarramstandard

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