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Fabulous feedback from booksellers who have read advanced copies of Bono the Rescue Cat:

“Helen weaves warmth, truth and honesty into every stroke of the keyboard. Powerful sentences compile themselves into neighbourhoods we all want to live in, until we realise that in some comparable way, we already do.
Bono the book takes us on a journey through the streets of New York, the communities within and the woman entranced by its allure. She thinks she’s lacking something – only to discover what she thought was lost merely needed a bit of a break to resurface again.
Bono the cat reminds us to live to the fullest every day, to exist in the moment and not dwell on the future, because a “lousy prognosis” doesn’t stop you from “bouncing out to chase a sock occasionally”.
May we all remind ourselves to live like cats, leaving “silvery trails” wherever we go through life.”

– Cindy Code, Assistant store manager, Indigo Books, Brockville, Canada.

“What a treasure. And Bono, what a cat! I’m now envious of all those who are yet to read and enjoy it.”

– Emma Gillard, Emma’s At Oxford, North Canterbury, New Zealand.


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