Dear friends,

I can’t wait to share my next book, Bono the Rescue Cat with you. It will be released in the US, Canada and Australasia in 2018.

Bono was just like the rest of us. All he wanted was a home and someone to love. When I met and fostered him in New York City, his future was bleak. Though he captured hearts around the world through my Huffington Post blog, finding him a forever home was proving more complicated…

The birth of a new book is a great opportunity to meet readers. I hope we catch up somewhere along the road.

If you’d like me to visit your community, please let me know and I’ll pass your request on to my publishers. As Bono knows, magic can happen.



  • Paul Swartz

    Dear Ms. Brown,
    I had the pleasure of just having finished your book, Cleo. Not knowing what it was about, other than a cat, I was pleasantly surprised and drawn into your story to the point that I had to finish reading it in 2 days. As such, I am now eagerly awaiting the publication of Bono.
    By the way, I too have a cat named Cleo!
    Thank you for your story,
    Paul Swartz.

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