I’m honoured and excited to be touring Japan September 19th-25th to launch the Japanese edition of Cleo. It will be a privilege to meet and speak with parents who lost children in the devastating earthquake and tsunami at Sendai in 2011. From there, I’ll be travelling to Tokyo and Nara.

Cleo has taught me that wherever people live in the world, our sorrows and joys are much the same. I’m looking forward to sharing stories with an open heart.


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  • Camila

    Olá Helen Brown
    Meu nome é Camila, moro no Brasil.
    Sou uma admiradora de sua história e particularmente de animais. Li Cleo e estou emocionalmente apaixonada. Sua percepção de sentidos, emoções e principalmente a maneira como narra toda a história é de uma grandeza imensurável, caíram lágrimas ao terminar de lê-lo, confesso. Mas vale a pena, cada lágrima, cada livro. Você e seu livro farão parte das minhas memórias.
    Obrigada por isso!

  • Helen Brown

    Dear Camila,
    Thank you for your kind words. I’m delighted you enjoyed reading Cleo.
    Warmest wishes to you,

  • Vera Rains

    I purchased your novel, “Tumbledown Manor” and thoroughly enjoyed it. I sure hope you have the time to write more fiction. I donated the book to the local library. The librarian also read it and loved it. Stay safe on your tours!
    Vera Rains
    North Carolina, USA

  • Helen Brown

    Thanks for putting the word out, Vera.
    All best wishes to you,


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