Morning Walk in Sri Lanka.

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Strolling along a country road in the south
of this vibrant country, you never know what’s around the next bend…..

These beauties cost a bomb at the florist
shop back home.
“Hello! What’s your name?”
This 11 year-old girl is blissfully
untutored in stranger danger rhetoric. Her friendliness reduces my heart to
I’m not sorry this two metre monitor has no
interest in socialising.
Daisies pay homage to a new day.
Others prefer to sleep in.
Rush hour. Must complain to the council
about this congestion.
A paddy field – or overgrown lake – full of
things that quack, flap their fins and refuse to be photographed.
It’s getting hot. Can I be bothered finding
the beach?
And I forgot to bring a water bottle.
I was going to ask him, but he flashed such
a dazzling smile I was overcome with shyness.
Maybe I’m lost. No worries. I’ll just get
devoured by the jungle and become an exotic flower.
But then I turn a corner, scrabble down a
sandy path, and….
There it is.

The Indian Ocean.

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