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Jonah’s Blog December 9

Jonah’s Blog: I’m fed up with Scribbler hogging the limelight. It’s about time I wrote a book of my own.

A writer has to find a Voice. Well there’s nothing wrong with a decent yowl. If that doesn’t work and they keep ignoring you, just jump on the table and plonk your bottom on the spot they’re planning to have lunch off. That gets ’em going.
Having spent six years cohabiting with a dim-witted Scribbler, I’m more than qualified to reveal the weaknesses and follies of the human species.
The other night, while Scribbler was snoring her head off, I wrote an outline. She always makes a fuss about such things, but I found it a breeze. Before I knew it, a romance with a Christmasy theme had poured itself into the computer. I was so thrilled I sent it off to a publisher immediately.
The publisher thought it would make a brilliant children’s book.
Honoured as I would be to write for infant humans, I wonder if the subtlety of my more jaded (I hesitate to use that old war horse “ironic”) observations might go straight over their cute little heads.
Perhaps I’m not so complex after all.
What do you think, dear reader?
  • MaureenNZ

    Helen, you will make a fabulous children's writer, I know my grandies would love any book that you wrote. Go for it.

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