To celebrate Bono’s translation into Chinese, here’s our story in pictures (apologies for the blurry shots, but it was a busy time).

Taking the plunge

I love this photo taken one summer holiday many years ago. Mum, in her hottest new bikini look, is urging me to shed the safety of my water wings and dive into the water with her. Thanks, Mum, for always encouraging me to put the safety device to one side and take the plunge. Your […]

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Jonah’s Blog

Jonah’s Blog: Scribbler has proved herself hopelessly incompetent yet again. This morning she burst in through the front door wielding a pot of vegetable matter. “You’re SO lucky, Jonah!” she gushed. “Look what we’ve got you.” I examined the pathetic bunch of leaves and turned away. Since when have I been a vegetarian? “But Jonah,” […]

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Life According to Jonah

Jonah’s Blog: Honestly, who’d be a writer’s cat? Scribbler’s so full of herself these days. The phone never stops with radio jocks and journalists interviewing her about Tumbledown Manor. I suppose a new book’s well and good. She has to pay for my fresh chicken breast SOMEhow.I probably should be grateful a feline features in […]

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The Happiest Goodbye

         I woke with a mop of cat in my face. Bono’s owlish eyes gazed unblinking at me. Closing my eyes, I pretended to sleep. The feather duster of Bono’s tail brushed my cheek. He mewed urgently. We had a big day ahead. A potential adopter, Monique, was coming to visit. A cat lover […]

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One cannot get enough beauty sleep.


Residents of my friend Heather Fahnle’s garden. #@heatherfahnle


Practising for Lydia and Ramon’s big day.


A fairy cafe has appeared in our garden.


It takes a three year old to remind you there’s nothing better than a bucket and an incoming tide.


The perfect Christmas outfit. Kath’s love grows deeper by the day.#christmaslove


Christmas on Phillip Island, an intimate gathering.


Cowes, Victoria

The Christmas tree you have when the island has run out of Christmas trees. #christmastree #christmasdecor


Another reason I love Phillip Island. Where else would you find one of these in your back yard?


Exciting times as Lydia and Ramon’s Phillip Island wedding gets closer.


Delighted to announce a children’s version of Cleo, CLEO AND ROB, will be released by Allen & Unwin NZ next year. #childrensbooks #awwmagazine

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