Tea and Inspiration

How long is a cat entitled to snub you after you’ve been away? They’re supposed to have no sense of time, but Jonah seemed to realise I’d abandoned him for only three nights. My punishment was minimal. I received a frosty greeting at the door when I arrived home. He glowered at my suitcase, which […]

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Ants are people, too.

Welcome to what I hope will be the first of many newsletters keeping you up with my thoughts and travels – not to mention every day life. Of course I’m not the only one on Facebook. Every now and then Jonah jumps on line and adds to his blog “I Am Not a Cat”. Which reminds […]

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Welcome Home Not

So she rattles in the door expecting me to be all over her. Well, excuse me….. Nobody can abandon moi for two weeks and get away with it. Okay, so they procured a live-in nanny because I’d simply DIE at that cattery place. But that’s the least I deserve. “Have you been a good boy, […]

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Taking the plunge

I love this photo taken one summer holiday many years ago. Mum, in her hottest new bikini look, is urging me to shed the safety of my water wings and dive into the water with her. Thanks, Mum, for always encouraging me to put the safety device to one side and take the plunge. Your […]

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Jonah’s Blog

Jonah’s Blog: Scribbler has proved herself hopelessly incompetent yet again. This morning she burst in through the front door wielding a pot of vegetable matter. “You’re SO lucky, Jonah!” she gushed. “Look what we’ve got you.” I examined the pathetic bunch of leaves and turned away. Since when have I been a vegetarian? “But Jonah,” […]

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