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When Cleo was released a few years ago, I was honoured the story of our small black cat was so warmly received around the world. Half a million copies and 16 languages later, Cleo is poised to become a movie made by South Pacific Pictures (makers of The Whale Rider).

It was a thrill when the sequel, After Cleo Came Jonah (Cats and Daughters in the US) was embraced by critics and readers alike.

My first novel, Tumbledown Manor, has got off to a roaring start in Australasia with a print run of close to 10,000. The German edition will be released in February next year.

Delightfully written, very charming and laugh out loud funny. Recommended.”
Shandelle Battersby
Weekend Herald, Auckland.

"Buy this book, save it for the holidays and then read it under a tree or at the beach.
Tina White
Manawatu Standard


Tumbledown Manor Launch Events - New Zealand

It's always a thrill to meet my loyal Kiwis readers. Click here for dates and locations for the upcoming tour.

I'll be speaking at the new Thirroul District Library, NSW, on November 6, 2 -3.30 pm. I've never been there before but believe it's the home of the We Love Helen Brown group. See you there!


Metro West Cover Feature

Helen featured on the front page of the September 2014 Metro West, you can read the full article here.

Huffington Post

Here's a blog post that featured on the front page of Huffington Post's book Section.

I Married My Cat...And My Husband!

Cats and Daughters (After Cleo Came Jonah)

"An intimate memoir about one woman and her relationship with her cat and family... [Brown] writes eloquently about the bonds that exist between women of all ages... a pleasant and moving story of love and identity among mothers, daughters and felines." Kirkus Reviews.

"Poignant and life-affirming" Daily Express UK

“A Must Read” The Lady UK

This is the story of how one cat leads to another, that rebellious felines and daughters have more in common than you might think. And how I learned compromise and medication can be okay.

UK Cover
UK Cover
Two Roads Publishers
US Cover
US Cover
March 2013
After Cleo Came Jonah - German Cover
French Cover

Insight Daily Radio interview


“Possibly the next Marley and Me”  Good Housekeeping UK

For all those people who say they aren’t cat people but deep down know they are, this is the story of how a small black cat padded into our lives at a time when we most needed help.  I thought a kitten was the last thing we needed, but Cleo proved how wrong I was.

Hodder UK Hardback due for release February 2010
Hodder UK Hardback
Complex Chinese edition (Taiwan)
Complex Chinese edition (Taiwan)

US book cover
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